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It’s time you added that extra something to each practice.

The main benefits of using the FLUX Blowpipe:

Optimised Airflow

Our airflow control system deters the onset of the growth of mould.

Extremely Hygenic

The carefully engineered cloth is renewable and can be reused for over 4 months

Reduced Moisture

Our moisture control system prevents any excess build-up of moisture in the bagpipe.

Sustainable Solution

The carefully engineered cloth is renewable and can be reused for over 4 months

Flux Blowpipe

Meet the FLUX+

Passion, pride and precision in every part.

The all new Chrome Bore stays cooler for longer and condenses more moisture from the breath. It is also more resistant to corrosion.


The new specially engineered Needlefelt cloth absorbs 4x more moisture than Silica beads used in other systems. It absorbs moisture over a longer period, meaning it can be kept in for longer without needing changed. It can also be squeezed out, dried and reused over 120 times. – Completely hassle free.

The Science Behind Flux

We use expert engineering backed by science to remove problems previously faced with the bagpipe.

Flux Blowpipe Assembly

Moisture Control

The FLUX Blowpipe is universal to every Bagpipe and is compatible with both natural and synthetic bags, thus does not require a zipper-bag or inner tube for use.

Hygiene System

The FLUX Blowpipe drastically prolongs the lifespan of the instrument before moisture takes effect.


The FLUX Blowpipe works by stimulating the condensation of moisture within the Blowpipe, and harnessing the condensed moisture through a difference in pressure in an absorption chamber.

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