Bagpipe Humidity Case



An Environment for A Stable Bagpipe

  • Maintaining a constant humidity for your Drones, Bag & Reeds is game-changing to achieve a consistently rich sound from your Pipes.
  • Constant humidity will increase the longevity of your instrument, as the case protects your Pipes from extremely dry & extremely wet climates with 2-way humidity control. Meaning there is lesser risk of warps & cracks in the wood of your Bagpipe, and reeds will remain fresher for longer.
  • With the FLUX Bagpipe Humidity Case, you will notice a drastic improvement in the quality of sound you are able to consistently achieve. The Chanter & Drones will settle quicker during a practice, meaning not only will your pipes be easier to tune, but will stay in tune for longer with less deviation.


  • Assorted Mesh Pockets for Piping Tools / Accessories
  • Customisable-Cut Foam Inserts For Drones
  • 65% 2-Way Humidity Control Boveda® Packs
  • Internal Humidity & Temperature Display
  • Durable Wheels & Adjustable Telescopic Handle
  • Padded Shoulder Strap & Handles for Comfortable Carrying
  • Made from Scratch & Impact Resistant Polypropylene (PP)
  • Airtight + Watertight + Dust-Proof – In-Built Pressure Regulation Valve
  • Humidifies for 2-3 Months
  • Travel Compliant

“Through testing with Scottish Power Pipe Band, it is found that the optimal storage humidity for the Bagpipe is 65%. The Gel-Humidity packs supplied with the FLUX Bagpipe Humidity Case ensure that the sealed environment inside is 65% humidity constantly, and can be monitored on the digital hygrometer display. All Scottish Power Pipers use this case to achieve the most stable, rich and consistent sound.”

Product Includes:

Hygrometer with Battery
Velcro Attached Internal Zip Pockets
2x Humidity Packs
Customisable Foam Insert
Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap


Internal: L: 501mm | W: 279mm | H: 193mm
External: L: 559mm | W: 351mm | H: 229mm

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